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WhatsApp is Banning Group users!

WhatsApp is banning groups with malicious or suspicious names 

WhatsApp is a very popular chat app. It currently has a userbase of 1.5 billion active users and the number is only increasing. As number of people using WhatsApp is increasing, the chances of people who can misuse the WhatsApp are also increasing. The company has taken several steps in the last few years to crush the abuse of app but at times these steps can be a little troublesome for users like in this case WhatsApp has permanently banned the WhatsApp account of users who has malicious group names, without seeing deeply into the matter.

Some Reddit posts are saying that the app banned groups with malicious names without informing group users. All the WhatsApp account which are banned are found to be a member of groups with malicious group name.

One Reddit user, whose name is Mowe11, posted in a discussion website about the ban done by WhatsApp telling that his WhatsApp account is permanently banned from WhatsApp because someone in his university's group has changed the name of the group to an abusive name. After this whole WhatsApp group users including him was banned using the WhatsApp account. when contacting the WhatsApp contact support, all members of the university's group received an automatic response from WhatsApp saying that they had violated the WhatsApp's terms of use. Another Reddit user etrec89 along with a  WhatsApp group containing fifty persons was banned permanently because somebody in the group changed the name with a malicious name. Although this change did not last more than one minute, the members of the entire group were banned.

Another Reddit user FranciscoAlfaro wrote that he was in a school group that has about 100 users in which all of them were banned. According to him, he was banned when he didn't see or responded to any of the messages shared in that WhatsApp group.

All the users who had received an automatic response from WhatsApp telling that their accounts were banned because they violated the WhatsApp's term of use after it no further assistance was provided to them. Users whose account had banned left no other option. They can only change the WhatsApp phone number to get a new WhatsApp account. Whatsapp has recently changed its way of people adding members to a group, It has added a WhatsApp group feature that will let you decide who can add you to a Whatsapp group.

WhatsApp's new group invite feature which includes three options- Everyone, My Contacts, or My Contacts except just like facebook, choosing Everyone option will open you to get invited by anyone to join its group. If you come to My contact option then it will allow only members which are in your contact list to add you to a Whatsapp group. My contact people will restrict users who are not in your contact list from adding you to a group. In this case, you will get an invite to join the group in which you can accept or reject which link will expire automatically after 72 hours.

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