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Top 10 Hacking Movies you should watch in 2020

Hacking Movies that will Blow you Mind

Daily we see news about hacking and hackers and the number of these news increases every day. As we are becoming the technology-dependent, the number of hacking attempts also increasing and Hacking is a field that is very fascinating to peoples. So In this article, I am come up with 10 Hacking movies that you should watch in 2020. These Movies will also increase the interest in hacking who are thinking to make a career in Hacking. Before this list one thing, I will tell you guys that there is a very huge difference in hacking in movies vs hacking in Reality so keep these hacking movies for your entertainment purpose only.

So let's begin the countdown.

10.Black Hat

Blackhat Movie

After a Hong Kong nuclear plant and therefore the Mercantile Trade Exchange in Chicago square measure hacked by unknown perpetrators, an agent (Viola Davis) proposes that the Federal Bureau of Investigation work with China to search out the cyber-criminals. The leader of the Chinese team, Chen Dawai, insists that condemned hacker Nick married a woman (Chris Hemsworth) be free from jail to assist with the investigation. As Nick and his comrades chase their quarry, it becomes evident that the hackers have a sinister motive for his or her actions.

9. Hacker (2016)

Hacker Movie

This Hacking movie is inspired by true hacking events, Hacker (2016) is a cool adventure about a young hacker who gets in trouble while raising money for his family with illegal hacking techniques. But if this movie so cool then why this is at 9th place the reason is that I recently found out that the critics hated it but some peoples really liked it. I had also watched this hacking movie and I think you can watch this movie if you like credit card hacking and money.

8. WarGames

WarGames Movie

This hacking movie is about budding hacker David finds a backdoor entrance into a large military mainframe and starts messing around. Nothing could go wrong, right? David plays against the pc during in associate exceedingly game involving an entirely theoretical, or so it seems nuclear war between America and Russia. WarGames celebrates hacking — we expect it's needed reading for any laptop security enthusiast.

7. Swordfish

SwordFish Movie

Convicted hacker Stanley Jobson — Hugh Jackman at his finest — has the task of stealing $9.5 billion of government funds forgotten about after the aborted Operation
Swordfish and he is being egged on by the ultra-suave archangel Shear (John Travolta, clearly playing himself). We don't have to be compelled to say a lot of regarding Swordfish, except for the very fact that there is a scene involving hacking on a laptop with seven screens.
Seven screens. You can’t get much more hacker-tactics than that.

6. Sneakers

Sneakers Movie

Henry Martyn Robert Redford's Marty Bishop leads a bunch of laptop whiz youngsters United Nations agency specialize in cryptography and laptop security.
After stealing a mysterious recorder from some mysterious unhealthy guys the United Nations agency say they are government agents, therefore Bishop's conscience is often clear — he finds out the box
is able to rewrite any encoding system within the world. Predictably, the bad guys are keen to get their hands on it.

5. Hackers (1995)

Hackers 1995 Movie

In this hacking movie an 11-year-old Dade solanaceous vegetable, which is known by his hacker alias 'Zero Cool', is arrested by the US Secret Service for writing a computer virus and banned from using
a computer until his 18th birthday. When he hits 18 he's back in action as 'Crash Override', and all hell breaks loose — the movie features a] that spawned the persistent phrase "hack the Gibson".
Hackers, because the name suggests, is one of the best hacking movies out there.
If you haven't seen it, you're missing out something.

4. Takedown

TakeDown Movie

This Hacking movie is based on the story of how the computer hacker 'Kevin Mitnick' captured. However, when he breaks into the security expert's computer who is also an ex-hacker, he's in for a shock and has more than he can handle. You will love this movie if you want to want to capture black hat hackers.

3. The Fifth Estate

The Fifth Estate Movie

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange (Benedict Cumberbatch) and a colleague, Daniel Domscheit-Berg (Daniel Brühl), collaborate to become watchdogs over the actions of the privileged and powerful. Despite scant resources, they're able to produce a platform for whistle-blowers to leak covert information anonymously, thereby exposing government secrets and company crimes. However, a serious battle erupts once Assange and Berg gain access to the largest cache of confidential intelligence documents in U.S. history.

2. V for Vendetta

V for Vendetta Hacking Movie

It is the year 2020. A virus runs wild within the world, most Americans are dead, and the UK is dominated by a fascist dictator World Health Organization guarantees security however not freedom. One man stands against him, the person named V, World Health Organization moves through London sort of a specter despite the desperate efforts of the police. He wears a mask showing the face of Guy Fawkes, the World Health Organization in 1605 tried to widen the homes of Parliament.

1. The Matrix

The Matrix Movie

The Matrix is a meta-hacking movie. The hackers, including Keanu Reeves' Neo, live inside the world they're hacking. The Matrix may be a computing system that tricks humans into thinking they are alive and well and enjoying their lives once they are really being chomped by machines during a
dark, dystopian real world. With its punchy nu-metal-cum-heavy-metal soundtrack and leather-heavy costume department, The Matrix shows hackers as they'd love to be seen in, ultra-cool and revolutionary.

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