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10 Best OS for hackers and Security experts

10 Best Hacking OS a Hacker should try

Just like a weapon of soldiers help soldiers in protecting their country, Hacking OS helps Hackers. It doesn't matter if you are beginner to hacking or you are an elite hacker, you need an OS that helps you to enhance your hacking skills. A hacking OS reduces hackers to work about 50% by giving a hacking environment for a hacker. A hacking os contains most of the commons hacking tools used by hackers and some hacking tool requires additional packages are also provided by these hacking os. But today there so many hacking os available on the internet which makes it very difficult to choose which hacking os you should choose. So here I come with the top 10 hacking OS used by hackers and penetration testers.

So lets begin the countdown.

10. Network Security Toolkit

Network securiyt toolkit

Network Security Toolkit (NST) is a Linux-based Hacking OS that can be used as  Live DVD/USB Flash Drive that has a collection of free and ASCII text file pc security and networking tools to perform routine security and networking diagnostic and observation tasks. The distribution is often used as a network security analysis, validation and observation tool on servers hosting virtual machines. the bulk of tools printed within the article "Top a hundred twenty-five security tools" by Insecure.org square measure obtainable within the toolkit. NST has package management capabilities the same as fedora and maintains its own repository of further packages.

9. Samurai Web Testing Framework

Samurai OS

The Samurai internet Testing Framework is a virtual machine, supported on VirtualBox and VMWare, that has been pre-configured to operate as an online pen-testing setting. The VM contains the most effective of the open supply and free tools that target testing and assaultive websites. In developing this setting, we've got based mostly on our tool choice on the tools we tend to use in our security apply. we've got enclosed the tools utilized in all four steps of an online pen-test. Starting with intelligence operation, we've got enclosed tools like the Fierce domain scanner and Maltego. For mapping, we've got enclosed tools such as WebScarab and ratproxy. we tend to selected tools for discovery. These would come with beef and burp suit. For exploitation, the ultimate stage, we tend to enclosed BeEF, AJAXShell and far a lot of. This VM conjointly includes a pre-configured wiki, created to be the central info store throughout your pen-test.

8. Cyborg Hawk Linux

Cyborg Hawk UNIX operating system is an Ubuntu-based UNIX operating system Hacking os conjointly grasp as a Pentesting UNIX operating system Distro it's developed and designed for moral hackers and penetration testers. bionic man Hawk Distro is often used for network security and assessment and conjointly for digital forensics. It conjointly has varied tools suited to the testing of Mobile Security and Wireless infrastructure. It’s clearly not as performant, advanced or polished as one thing like Kali – however, it’s a decent begin and that I hope the developers keep performing on it and twine in some higher-level security engineers to figure on the OS improvement and driver stack.

7. Black Ubuntu

Black Ubuntu

Black Ubuntu is Ubuntu-based penetration testing distro which is made by forking the most popular Linux os ubuntu. Black ubuntu just like its parent os can be used on live cd or live USB. Black ubuntu has all features of a hacking os but its stability is very less therefore this hacking os is not so popular. Black ubuntu contains more than 200 hacking tools by hackers. It is mainly made for network analysis and penetration testing.

6. Pentoo

Pentoo OS

Pentoo could be a Live CD and Live USB designed for penetration testing and security assessment supported Gentoo UNIX, Pentoo is provided each as thirty-two and sixty-four bit installable live CD. Pentoo is additionally accessible as an associate overlay for associate existing Gentoo installation. It options packet injection patched wireless fidelity drivers, GPGPU cracking code, and many tools for penetration testing and security assessment. The Pentoo kernel includes security and greeting hardening and additional patches - with binaries compiled from a hardened toolchain with the most recent nightly versions of some tools accessible.

5. DEFT Linux

Deft OS

DEFT (Digital Evidence and Forensics Toolkit) is GNU Linux based Hacking os and DART (Digital Advanced Response Toolkit), a forensics system comprising some of the best tools for forensics and incident response. DEFT Linux is specially designed for doing forensics tasks and you can use it directly without installing it on your hard drive, just like another Linux os. This Hacking os consists of more than 100 highly-rated hacking tools used also for forensics. It is currently developed and maintained by Stefano Fratepietro along with other developers, and you can download it for free from its official website. It is used actively by ethical hackers, pen testers, government officers, IT auditors and even the military for carrying out various tasks used in forensics based systems analysis.

4. BackBox Linux

BackBox linux

BackBox is more than an operating system, it is a Free Open Source Community Project with the aim of promoting the culture of security in the IT environment and give its contribution to make it better and safe. It is designed to fast, easy to use and provide a minimal yet complete desktop environment, thanks to its own software repositories that are constantly updated to the latest stable version of the most popular and best known ethical hacking tools.BackBox.org offers a range of Penetration Testing services to simulate an attack on your network or application. You can download its iso from its official website www.backbox.org

3. BlackArch Linux

BlackArch Linux

Black Arch is an arch Linux based penetration testing distro which is quite popular in Hackers and security researchers. It is loaded with 2364 hacking tools in its repository and you can install these tools individually or in the group. It is compatible with all existing arch installs. You can use Arch Linux on a live cd or live USB or you can install it on your hard drive.

2. Parrot Security

Parrot Security OS

Parrot is a GNU/Linux distribution based on Debian Testing and designed with Security, Development, and Privacy in mind. It includes a full portable laboratory for security and digital forensics experts, but it also includes all you need to develop your own software or protect your privacy while surfing the net. It is extremely lightweight and runs surprisingly fast even on very old hardware or with very limited resources this system is so lightweight you can use this hacking os on having only 256MB os RAM and supports both 32 bit and 64-bit processor architecture. It has a Mate KDE desktop environment which looks very cool and makes it easy to manage windows.

1. Kali Linux

Kali LinuxEveryone is champion in a room until the real champion comes into the room. Kali Linux most popular hacking os in the whole world. It is used by security researchers, Hackers and penetration testers. I had also used this Hacking os and in my recommendation, it is best hacking os. It is a Debian based Linux os and despite its stability, it is very lightweight and you can run it on RAM as low as 4mb but after it your mouse cursor get frozen and like other Linux os kali is also open-source it means you can redistribute or fork its code and make your own Hacking os. It has more than 350 tools available for wireless hacking, network security, database hacking, web penetration testing and you can also develop the application in it.

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