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Call of Duty Mobile Free Download for Android and IOS

Download Call of Duty Mobile For Android & IOS for FREE!

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I know many of you, reading this article was waiting for this game. Call of Duty Mobile was Launched on Tuesday for both Android and IOS users and its download is free to all users. Many of you may know about this COD game but if you don't know then who cares😁 just keep reading this article and you will get to all about Call of Duty.

Call of duty is a video game for pc which was launched in 2003 by Activision. The game was first based on World War II, but with time theme of the game is also changed and themes began to shift to modern time wars like Cold War, Space, Futuristic world. Call of was first developed by Infinity Ward. Unlike its mobile version Call of Duty is not a free to play game. But over time makers of COD Feel that they need to jump into the mobile gaming market so they launched there mobile version of Call of Duty Mobile.

So enough about COD's history Let's talk about its present
The biggest Rival of PUPG mobile, COD Mobile entered in the market of mobile gaming. Just like PUBG Mobile, COD Mobile is also a multiplayer online game that is also available for PC users in Console. Call of Duty Mobile is developed by Tencent's Timi Studio and Published by Activision. It is an unlike its pc version it is free to play mobile games.

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Call of Duty Mobile has both zombies mode and battle royale mode. It has all modern maps from COD Pc, whether it is Black Ops or Modern Warfare. It all maps are free, it has Nuketown map, Hijacked map, Crash map with Team Deathmatch, Frontline, Search and Destroy, and other gameplay modes. COD Mobile has all characters present in Call of Duty Games with heavy guns and artillery.

Call of Duty Mobile has seen 3 million Download withing 24 hours after its launch according to Sensor Tower data. Which shows that Call of Duty mobile is one the most awaited mobile game of 2019.

If you are also a fan of cod then you can download it from Google Play Store or Apple App Store.


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