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Amazon Great indian festival and Flipkart's big billion days sale Reality

Reality of Amazon and Flipkart's Sales

Amazon Sale vs Flipkart sale

India is a festival's country and as the festival starts in India almost every e-commerce site whether it is amazon or Flipkart starts its sale. In there are mainly two online shopping sites one is Amazon and other is Flipkart, there are many other online shopping sites like ShopClues, Naptol, SnapDeal .e.t.c. but only Amazon and Flipkart dominates the online shopping market so we will mainly talk about these sites.

In Festival season Amazon starts it's sale named "Amazon Great Indian Festival" and Flipkart its sale named "Flipkart's Big Billion Days". One thing about these Sales which is fixed is that these sales are mainly created to create hype in customers and increase companies' profit. But many times some questions will arise in your mind (like me but if not Who cares) that and if the discount is real then Is there products are cheaper than the offline market?

Why these websites are selling their products at discounted prices?
Are there discounts are real?
if their discount is real then online products are cheaper or offline products?
Product quality in online vs offline market

Why these websites are selling their products at discounted prices?

Amazon Great Indian Festival

In festival season mainly in Diwali and Dushera peoples in India have rituals to buy new accessories to homes for worship there goddess Laxmi so that there coming year will have no problem financially. So sales at these festival times increase exponentially and there profit also. Amazon and Flipkart they both give discounts to attract customer to there site but as you know in today world there is very high competition in every field and still, most of the peoples in India prefer online shopping so to attracts there customers to there website they give the discount and launches new products like mobile phones and TVs.

Are there discounts that are real?

The answer is yes and no, because they give a discount on Maximum retail price(MRP) (showing MRP more than the product has) and also they add many taxes to it so their selling prices indirectly increase and since these sites also have to make money so they add some percent charge to MRP in order to make a profit which also increases products price. Also, discounts on their products are not for a limited time period or only for the festival season. So I will recommend you to buy only those products which you really need but if you want to waste  your money than you can buy anything

Are online products cheaper or offline product?

Flipkart big billin days

There no straight answer to this question because products electronic products have dealership with manufactures so electronics item prices are found to cheaper in the online market than offline markets but products like kitchen accessories and decorative items are founded cheaper in the offline market than the online market. So if you want to buy an electronic item or a special launch item then I would recommend you buy it from Amazon or Flipkart. But if you want something different then you should go to offline markets.

Quality of product in Oline market vs Offline Market

Both online and offline products have good quality but i recommend that you should avoid buying any item from shops who do not have a good reputation. and if you want to shop online then don't buy any product from any seller who has a rating below 2.5/5


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