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Hack Facebook for Free

Hack Facebook for free

So you have come here to hack your friend's Facebook Account or anybody whose Facebook password you want. Many websites claim that just paste the URL of facebook account you want to hack and click on the hack facebook account button to start the hack but when the process(FAKE😈) shows completed still you won't be able to download the password. They will tell you to complete some surveys to download the password. Even after completing those surveys you won't be able to download the password file because these websites and applications are made only to make money. So don't waste your time on that. But if you still think you can hack anyone's Facebook Account by just one click on a website then you are wrong Hacking a facebook account is not children's play.

hacker hacking fb

Now mark my words any website who claims that they can hack a facebook Account are ABSOLUTELY FAKE. These apps and websites are just wasting your precious time.

Facebook is one of the biggest social media platforms that have lots of skilled employees who work day and night to keep facebook secure they make sure that there is no bug in facebook. But as we know nothing is perfect in this world so there might be some bugs in facebook. But to find bugs or any vulnerability which may enable hacking a facebook account is not an easy task. A very sharp mind is required to find bugs on Facebook.
Websites that claim to hack facebook are cheating with you. They just waste your time and sometimes websites and apps who are cheaper tell you to pay some money for hacking a facebook account and who do not request you to pay are not of an innocent one. They steal your private data any information that they can sell. Now the question arises is that "Hacking facebook is possible or not".

Now always remember this thing "nothing is perfect in this world"

We, humans, are also not perfect and things which we make are also not perfect and facebook is also made by humans. So there will be some loophole(s) or vulnerability or you can say bug in facebook which may allow you to hack facebook but finding these bugs are very difficult but not impossible and if you are able to hack into facebook you can get a lot of money 💰💰🤑.

Make money by hacking

Facebook has a bug bounty program for hackers. Hackers who can hack into facebook not only facebook account but any part of facebook, and reports that vulnerability on facebook bug bounty page get rewarded by facebook. These programs are started to find bugs in websites and application before any bad guy finds and exploit that vulnerability. The main benefit of these programs is the company can update its system from time to time.

Many of you might not know that Facebook is one of the companies which is founded by hackers. Hacker's mentality is that paying a hacker for finding vulnerability is far better than the loss that can be done by the bad hackers or you can say a black hat hacker by hacking it.

Now, what is the bug bounty program and How hackers make money with them?

Bug bounties are programs that allow hackers and cybersecurity experts to hack and submit potential flaws and vulnerabilities in the company's website or application. Anyone who founds a security flaw can report to the company and if the company founds it as a genuine flaw than they give reward to the security researcher or anyone who founded that flaw.

facebook hack

Now you think, how much they will pay you?
Well, it depends upon the flaw you will find. Flaws that can harm the company's customer's privacy are the most paid flaws. Facebook bug bounty has paid more than $7.5 million over time. Alone in 2018 facebook had paid $1.1 million to an ethical hacker.

Why Facebook is so popular?

Facebook popularity stats

Almost everyone has a Facebook account that's why you are searching "How to hack facebook". Now one question may be coming in your mind that why So many peoples use Facebook or you can say why Facebook is so popular? So the answer to it is that Facebook is a social media platform and at the time when Facebook started there is not much competition because at that time very few social media platforms are available. When Facebook started it offers many functions that other social media platforms are not providing like photo sharing and relationship status, these features are the major features who made Facebook popular. Initially, Facebook is only started at Harvard University and it becomes very popular among students. Other college students also started using Facebook so the founders of  Facebook expanded it to other colleges then it became very popular among youngsters. These things made Facebook so Popular.


Hacking facebook account is possible but hack into a facebook account without the permission of the owner of the account is a crime. But if you really want to hack a facebook account then you should hack it legally and if you become able to hack facebook that you should report that vulnerability to facebook or maybe you get rewarded from facebook.

Good luck 😄😄😄👍👍

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